Binding Machines and Supplies

We’ve taken our time to test and review the major manufactures of binding machines. After comparing them for product quality, dependability, ease of use and product safety, we’ve decided to carry the following manufactures. We have listed them in alphabetical order (Akiles, GBC, Global Express, Renz, Rhinotuff and Tamerica). No matter what size your business, we have binding machine to increase your productivity and give you the convenience of producing your own professional looking documents.

Coil Binding Machines

OffiWire Light Weight Manual Punch
Coil binding machines are ideal for making calendars, cookbooks, sales presentations, music books and almost any type of booklet you need. Coil bound books lay flat and pages will become loose or fall out. Plastic coil is available in a variety of color and sizes and is one of the most economical ways to bind.

Comb Binding Machines

WireMac Medium Duty Manual Punch
Comb binding machines are ideal for schools and businesses making their own presentation manuals. It’s the least expensive way to bind, and you can have your plastic combs preprinted with your business information. Plastic combs can bind documents from 1/8” to 1-7/8 thick.  and it’s one of the easiest ways replace pages and add new ones.

Double Loop Wire Binding Machines

WireMac-Duo All in one Wire Punch and Bind Equipment
Double loop wire binding machines give your documents one of richest looking professionally bound documents. Wire spirals are available in a wide variety of colors and can bind documents up 7/8” thick.

Thermal Binding Equipment

Renz SRW Heavy Duty Manual Punch
Thermal binding is one of fast and easiest ways to bind your documents. With a thermal binding there is no need for punching holes in paper and can more than one booklet at time. Covers are available in sizes from 1/16” to 1”.

VeloBind Machines

OD4800 Heavy Duty Manual Punch
Velobind is ideal if you need to bind a document with a permanent bind so as papers cannot be removed or replaced. It’s a popular binding method used by attorneys and legal departments. With the largest velobinding machines you can bind documents up to 3 inches thick.

Booklet Maker

WireMac E Heavy duty electric punch & manual wire closer

Create professional looking booklets with one of our several booklet makers. These machines are available in either manual or electric models. Booklet makers fold, staple and bind a document in seconds.